• Causes Of Tinnitus-Related Hearing Loss

    Tinnitus refers to sounds that you hear inside your ears, such as ringing, buzzing, tapping, whooshing, or high-pitched tones. While most people with tinnitus experience only periodic episodes, others suffer from constant tinnitus. In addition to abnormal sounds, tinnitus can also lead to hearing loss. After your audiologist takes a medical history from you and conducts a hearing test, they will determine if you have any hearing deficits. Your examination may also reveal the following causes of your tinnitus.
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  • What Are Your GERD Treatment Options?

    Being diagnosed with GERD can bring about some mixed emotions. While it can be a little scary to know you have a chronic disease, it is also nice to finally find out why you've been dealing with painful, ongoing heartburn and digestive upset. The next step, of course, is finding a treatment that will work for you. Here are some of the most common medications your doctor may prescribe. H2 Receptor Blockers
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  • ADHD Treatment: You Have Options

    Many parents are under the assumption that there is one treatment for ADHD, and if their child is diagnosed with ADHD, they will simply be prescribed that medication. However, this is not entirely true. There are actually several different medications that can be used to treat and manage ADHD, and part of your child's diagnosis will typically be a meeting with their doctor, during which you and the doctor can talk about your child's overall health and disposition in order to determine which medication is likely to suit them best.
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