Considerations When Choosing Your Scrubs

Posted on: 22 July 2021


If you are a nurse in a medical facility, you may be required to wear scrubs. These uniforms, which are designed for medical personnel, typically include a loose-fitting top and matching pants. Nowadays, however, there are many different scrub styles to choose from, making the selection process a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, by considering a few preferences and functionality, you can easily choose a uniform that performs well and looks great.

Here are a few considerations as you choose your scrubs.

Solids Versus Patterns

Some nurses prefer the standard look of scrubs with solid colors. A single uninterrupted color can offer a more uniform look among nurses in a medical practice. Nevertheless, patterned scrubs are still an option.

Scrubs in a single color can make the body appear slimmer, due to the lack of variation in the hues. The continual flow from the scrub top to the bottom may make the body look more elongated and leaner.

Patterned scrubs offer more variation and have a more fun, untraditional appearance. Thus, they can be great for nurses who work with children or patients with serious conditions. The patterns may offer a welcomed distraction for patients who will be undergoing a difficult medical procedure or who may be experiencing a bit of anxiety about their appointment.

The objects that comprise the pattern may be medical in nature or simply some of the wearer's favorite things. As a benefit, they can be a great conversational piece to ease the nerves of an anxious patient.

Neckline Options

Some nurses feel uncomfortable having a mock neckline that fits more closely around their neck, as it draws attention to the shape of the face. Others may prefer the mock neckline because of the slimming effects it can provide. Nevertheless, scrub uniforms include a variety of neckline options, such as mock, V-neck, square, and scoop-neck. You can try different neckline types to see what works best with your body structure.

The V-neck tends to flatter a variety of figures, making the body appear balanced. The scoop-neck can lengthen the neck. However, if it is cut too low it may feel overly revealing as you bend or stoop. The square neckline can help give balance to a person with wider hip measurements. Overall, there is a scrub neckline suitable for practically every body type.

To select from a variety of scrub options, consult with a medical uniform supplier. They can provide more information.