• Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis (MS) can be a difficult disease to diagnose since it can present with different symptoms and may have an unpredictable course. Diagnosing MS promptly can give you the best chance at reducing permanent damage and long-term disability. Symptoms People with MS may have any number of neurological systems. Even symptoms, such as visual disturbances or gastrointestinal problems may ultimately be neurological in nature. Any usual symptoms should be evaluated by your doctor or in an urgent care setting, if warranted.
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  • 3 Tips For Managing Your Photoallergic Contact Dermatitis

    If you notice that you only have a rash or skin irritation after exposing your skin to sunlight, you may suffer from photoallergic contact dermatitis. Photoallergic contact dematitis (also referred to as photoallergic dermatitis) is a condition where your skin becomes irritated by a specific substance once you expose your skin to the sun. The UV rays from the sun interact with ingredients in the substance to cause the irritation. Products that often cause photoallergic dermatitis include perfume, shaving cream, lotion, make up, and cleaning products.
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