Functional Restoration For Back Pain Treatment To Move Forward With Your Life

Posted on: 15 May 2019


Chronic, difficult to manage back pain can make your life hard to manage. Functional restoration program services take a careful look at all of the reasons behind your back pain in order to develop a treatment plan that will allow you to live your best life. The point is to look at the whole person, to see how the body and mind function together. Patients of a functional restoration program go through a rigorous set of exams to assess physical health and psychological health. Goals will be discussed and a plan will be created in order to try to help the patient meet the goals set. Functional restoration aims to find the root cause of the back pain to help the individual lead a healthier life.

Consider Your Treatment Goals

If you are limited every day because of your back pain, your goals may be modest at first. You might want to sleep more than an hour without waking up in pain, or learn better coping strategies when the pain becomes too intense. Some patients identify taking less pain medication as a goal while others set specific goals for mobility and exercise. Talk with your treatment provider about your goals 

The Psychological Drain of Pain

Pain can be so difficult to deal with that the person who is suffering becomes anxious or depressed. You may be feeling tired all the time because of the pain. It is not always clear what comes first, the pain or the depression, but it is clear that the two are connected. Your treatment provider will have you go through psychological testing to address your mental health needs. When you can feel a bit better about your situation, you may start to see your pain levels decrease.

 A Methodical Approach to Wellness

Chronic pain can take a long time to develop. Once your pain is debilitating, you may have been suffering with lower level pain for years. There are many potential causes of pain and factors to consider. Functional restoration program services take a careful look at your overall case and methodically look for ways to improve your pain levels. You can heal, but it is going to take time and effort.

Back pain treatment often requires a variety of approaches. When you work with a functional restoration program, you will begin to see how complex back pain and the treatment can be. Get the help you deserve and get your life back with the right treatment in place. For more information, contact clinics like Inland Pain Medicine.