Why Your Dentistry Should Use A Retipping Service For Your Curettes And Other Tools

Posted on: 20 September 2021


As a dentist, you have a wide variety of dental tools available to do everything from cleaning your patients' teeth to assisting in the installation of fillings and other tooth repair work. With repeated use though, the tips of your curettes, probes, scalers, and other stainless steel tools will become dull. Most dentists regularly sharpen the tips of some of these tools so they remain effective, but eventually, there might be too much wear and tear that continuing to use the same tool is no longer a good idea. But before you just throw that tool away, you might want to consider using a curette re-tipping service instead. Here's how a dental tool re-tipping service can benefit your business.

It's Much More Cost-Effective To Replace the Tip Than the Entire Tool

The reason most dentists will try to sharpen a dental tool countless times before replacing it is that these tools can be expensive when you have to reorder the entire piece. But eventually, you will have to buy a new tool, and you probably account for a certain number of replacements per year in your budget. But replacing just the tip of one of these tools could cost a few dollars in some cases. When it comes time to replace, this could save you a significant amount of money, especially as you continue to choose re-tipping instead of buying a new tool as time goes on.

It Will Make Your Dentistry More Environmentally Friendly Because You Will Use It for a Long Time

Some dentistry tools might not be easily recyclable. This could be due to some of the materials, or you might not want to keep something that has bacteria and germs on it while waiting for the next recycling pick-up. If you are currently throwing dull dental tools into the trash, you are contributing to waste in your local landfill. By opting for re-tipping these tools instead, the only part that gets tossed is just the tip, and you can use most of the tool without creating more waste.

Having Access to Re-Tipped Tools May Lead to Faster or Better Quality Care For Your Patients

If you opt for re-tipping instead of sharpening over and over, you might find that your tools retain their high quality for longer and enable you to get your work done in the patient's mouth without having to use the same tool over the same area multiple times. In other words, every time you sharpen a tip, it will become sharp enough to do the job, but it might lose just a fraction of its circumference or width. A smaller tip might not be able to get the job done as efficiently, making each appointment that uses these tools take a bit longer.

For more information, contact a re-tipping service, like Dental Instrument Specialists.