How To Increase Profits For Your Clinic With A Remote Medical Scribe Service

Posted on: 9 November 2022


As a doctor, you want your primary focus to be on giving your patients quality care. You don't have time to take notes, but documentation is essential and the notes you write must be highly accurate. If you are trying to increase your revenue, the two main concerns you might have are how you can see more patients and how you can increase the number of insurance providers who will reimburse you. You may also want to reduce burnout. This is best achieved by hiring a virtual scribe.

Accurate Records Are Essential

Not having adequate medical records can also be expensive. Without adequate records, insurance providers may be less likely to accept a claim. However, at the same time, having to spend so many hours performing administrative work takes time away from activities that generate revenue such as seeing more patients.

Provide Your Patients with Up-to-Date Medical Information

Keeping adequate records allows you to serve your customers, improve the efficiency of your clinic, and allows you to share medical information with your customers. For example, if your patient will be filing a claim, they will need adequate data so they can be successful with their claim. This is especially true if they are taking legal action.

AI Transcription Often Isn't Good Enough

There are AI solutions that are available and some can help create transcripts that are useful, but having a virtual medical scribe who can write down your notes in a format that is then easy to share is even more useful. The scribe is highly trained and dedicated to accuracy and chart quality. 

Better Accuracy Leads to Higher Profits

Virtual medical scribes are trained on how to understand the medical information that you include in your reports. They are also trained in various EMR systems and in every form of clinical documentation.

For example, scribes understand how to fill out prescriptions and referrals. They are able to document lab orders and diagnostic studies. More accurate coding ensures that you will receive faster faster insurance payouts. 

Virtual Medical Scribes Serve a Variety of Clients

When selecting a virtual medical scribe service, inquire about the types of customers that they serve. For example, you'll want to learn about whether they serve independent practices, hospital systems, and group practices. Many teams are cross-trained to ensure that they are capable of serving any type of client. 

A scribe will enter data, asks questions to make sure that the data is accurate, and will have the charts ready immediately for you to review. This takes the burden off of you and makes it easier to avoid burnout.  

For more information, contact a local virtual medical scribe