What Major CBD Products Are Available?

Posted on: 25 August 2020


The first time you visit a store that sells CBD, you might be a little overwhelmed. The store shelves will often be lined with so many products — all of which contain CBD. Narrowing them down and choosing the right ones can be tough if you don't have any prior knowledge of the major types of CBD products and which ones are suited for which ailments. So here's an overview:


CBD oil is basically CBD that has been extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant into oil. The oil comes in different concentrations. For example, you might find one bottle that contains 100 mg of CBD in 100 mL, and another that contains 500 mg CBD in 100 mL.

CBD oil is probably the most versatile CBD product you can buy. You can apply it to your skin, using it topically. You can put it under your tongue for fast action, or you can swallow it for the full effect. If you're new to CBD, buying an oil is a smart move.

CBD Vape Liquid

When you look at a little bottle of CBD, make sure you read it. The bottle may be CBD oil, or it might be CBD vape liquid. The latter is a solution that is formulated to be safe to inhale. You would put it in a vaporizor and inhale it, just like you would e-liquid from a cigarette.You can also buy cartridges that are pre-loaded with vape liquid.

Vaping is great what you need quick relief, such as from a headache or anxiety. However, it is not as discrete as taking an oil or a capsule.

CBD Capsules

These are essentially capsules filled with CBD oil. You swallow them like you would any other pill. They work about the same as CBD oil taken orally, but they're discrete. Nobody will know it is CBD you're taking, which can be beneficial in certain work environments.

CBD Cream and Lotion

Finally, you will see an assortment of creams and lotions containing CBD. Some might be made specifically for the face, eyes, or hands. These are meant to be applied topically for the treatment of conditions like acne, eczema, and dry skin. They can also be applied to sore, arthritic joints or to your forehead in the case of a headache.

That should give you a good overview of the various CBD products so you don't feel so overwhelmed the first time you step inside a CBD store. Don't be afraid to ask an employee if you have any additional questions