Worried A Narrow Pelvis Will Necessitate A C-Section? Yoga Classes Can Help

Posted on: 12 September 2018


Very petite women or those who have never given birth before may find themselves in a tough situation during delivery. They may have to get a cesarean, or c-section, delivery in order to save their life and the life of their child.

Sometimes, even taller or larger women simply have a narrow pelvic area that makes it hard for a child to pass through their birth canal. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this problem by improving your pelvic arc using high-quality yoga exercises.

Some Mothers May Feel A Lack Of Connection To Their Child After A C-Section

While a c-section delivery is almost always safe for the mother, there are some complications that may be more psychological than physical. For example, mothers who give birth in this way may feel a lack of connection with their child. The exact reasons for this reaction are hard to explain but have been noted in several different cases.

Even worse, a woman may suffer from a multitude of physiological concerns that make it difficult for her to get aroused or to enjoy her sex life. This scenario can be very difficult for young couples who are just married and who want to enjoy each other's company. Therefore, it is critical to take steps to avoid this problem and to ensure that it doesn't affect you.

Many Yoga Stretches Can Help

Attending regular yoga classes for can provide a variety of benefits for your reproductive health. For example, going regularly before or during your pregnancy can help to stretch out your pelvic floor and improve its arc. These exercises are often very challenging and provide you with a stronger overall body and a greater sense of well-being.

Beyond that, yoga can also calm your mind and bring you a greater sense of connection with the world around you. For example, if you used c-section for a birth and are struggling to feel connected to your baby, yoga could help clear your mind and give you an insight into why you feel that way. And it can even improve your sex life by promoting healthier hormone levels after birth.

So if you are a petite woman or one with a small frame and you are worried about having to get a c-section, it is important to talk to a yoga expert right away. Even if they can't help you avoid a cesarean delivery, they can least provide you with a calmer and more rationale mind and the kind of exercise you need to lose weight after giving birth.