Why Should You Choose A Family Doctor?

Posted on: 29 November 2017


You have a podiatrist for your feet, a dermatologist for your skin and a few other "ologists" for various parts of your body. But what about a family doctor? While seeing specialists is absolutely important if you have, or suspect that you have, medical conditions that require an expert in the area, a family physician is a doctor who you shouldn't skip.

What are the benefits of having, and visiting, a family medical provider? Take a look at the reasons why you might want to start seeing a family medicine doctor right now:

Getting to Know You

It's rare to have one medical professional who follows you over the course of a lifetime. But that's exactly what family doctors do. You can start seeing the medical provider as a child and continue along with them well into your adult years. Even if you're already an adult, starting to see a family medicine doctor now means that they have the chance to follow you, and your medical history, for decades.

Knowing you as a patient, and as a person, on a deeper level can help the family physician to better treat you. They know your health history, family history, and your lifestyle. That means the two of you can develop a long-term, trusting relationship. This can help you to feel more comfortable with the doctor and the doctor to better diagnose and treat you.

Less Time Wasted

You go to a new medical practice, and it takes a half hour for you to fill out forms. And that's on top of the records you just spent hours getting transferred from your old provider's office. And then the new doctor has to take a full health history, asking you questions you probably already answered on a form somewhere.

If you're switching doctors throughout the course of your lifetime, you'll have to repeat these time-wasting tasks more than a few times. But if you stick with one family physician, you don't. Your doctor already knows that you broke your arm in college, had mono when you were in your early 20s and tore your ACL in your 30s. Along with that, the doctor's office already has all of your medical records.

Multiple Family Members

How many doctors does your family have? If you see a family provider, that number equals one. Instead of having to keep track of your child's pediatrician, your spouse's doctor, your parent's doctors and your own provider, you only have one practice to visit.

Not only does this make practical sense (for scheduling and keeping appointments), but it also helps your doctor to know your family's full health history.

Why should you see a family doctor? From developing a comfortable relationship to the convenience of keeping all of your family's health history in one place, these medical providers can simplify your healthcare and make your life easier. Contact a medical office like Kinston Medical Specialists PA for more information and assistance.