Reasons That An In-Patient Drug Treatment Program Is Better Than Going Cold Turkey Yourself

Posted on: 13 September 2017


Many drug addicts have had success using the cold-turkey method of getting off their substance of choice. Locking yourself in your home and gritting it out is one way to get off drugs, and while you may be able to do so using this method, there's little doubt that it can be difficult. If you're thinking about going cold turkey, you may wish to consider looking up some in-patient drug treatment programs in your state and considering this method instead. There are several reasons that going this route when you wish to get sober can be a better choice.

Medical Supervision

Getting off drugs isn't just hard — it can also potentially be dangerous. Many addicts experience a wide range of concerning side effects of withdrawal, and going through this alone is not safe. For example, it's possible to have a seizure as your body goes through the withdrawal process. Given the potential side effects, you want to have medical supervision looking out for you. At home, a medical issue could potentially be life threatening, but when you go through treatment at an in-patient center, there will be doctors and nurses who will closely monitor your health from the start of the process to its conclusion.

Strong Support Network

When you try going cold turkey at home, you might be going through the whole process alone. The struggle that many addicts face midway through the cold turkey process can be enough to compel you to begin using again. Even if you live with family members, they may not understand what you're going through and may thus be unsure of how to best support you. When you attend in-patient treatment, you'll have a strong support network around you that is made up of people who understand this process. Counselors and even people who have achieved sobriety themselves will give you the encouragement you need to persevere.

Educational Component

If you manage to quit drugs using the cold turkey method at home, you'll often wonder what's next. Do you try to return to your regular lifestyle but without drugs? Do you hide at home for fear of running into addict friends? At an in-patient center, there's an educational component to getting clean. Once you've achieved sobriety, you aren't rushed out the door. Instead, you'll go through counseling that will help you to feel more confident about your sobriety, as well as understand how to better cope when you find yourself in situations that would have previously compelled you to use.

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