The Danger Of Ankle Sprains For Ballerinas

Posted on: 27 July 2017


Ankle sprains are a serious problem that can cause a person a lot of pain. However, for a professional like a ballerina, it can be even worse. Understanding the dangers of this problem and how to treat it, a ballerina can avoid impacting her career negatively.

Dancers Can Suffer From Serious Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains occur when a person lands on their foot wrong and twists it to the side. In severe cases, the foot may end up being nearly parallel to the ground. This situation forces the ankle joint out of position and can lead to acute pain and bruises. In ballerinas, it is a common problem because they are commonly leaping through the air and performing various dancing and exercises.

When it occurs, there is a real chance that they will be out of commission for a lengthy period. For example, they may have to quit practicing and performing for at least a month or two to keep it from getting worse. However, it may permanently affect their ability to perform in a variety of small and even large ways.

How It Affects Their Abilities

A ballerina with a sprained ankle is obviously unable to dance for awhile. However, an improperly healed injury can cause a variety of problems that make it difficult to dance. For example, it can cause decreased ankle strength and stability. As ankle strength is so crucial for dancing, it is critical that an ankle sprain gets healed correctly. Thankfully, it can be easily treated.

Treating This Problem

The best way to treat an ankle sprain is to keep it stable and to avoid walking on it. As a result, a ballerina may need to spend some time on crutches. However, a doctor can also give them anti-swelling and anti-pain medications to keep them from suffering too heavily. Keeping the ankle from swelling can prevent it from causing damage to tendons.

Ballerinas also need to make sure they avoid serious dance maneuvers for a period. Leaping is probably out of the question until their ankle has fully healed. It should take about one to two month for the ankle to be healthy enough for walking.

However, it can take longer for it to withstand the kind of impact caused by dancing. That's why following a podiatrist's advice when it comes to foot and ankle pain is crucial for a ballerina. It can keep their ankle sprain from severely impacting their career and get them back on their feet.