4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Contact Lenses During The Winter Time

Posted on: 29 December 2016


If this is your first winter wearing contact lenses, here are a a few tips that will help you manage and take care of your contacts better this season.

#1 Wear Sunglasses Outside

When you go outside during the winter time, make sure that you don't forget to put your sunglasses on. The sun can be just as bright and strong during the winter as it is during the summer, especially when it is reflecting off the white snow outside. You can protect your eyes and your contacts, and prevent your eyes from getting sunburned, simply by wearing your sunglasses. Your eyes can get sunburned just like your skin, and it will cause your eyes to feel like they are burning, which is not a pleasant effect.

Additionally, in the winter, it can be really windy and wet outside. Wearing sunglasses will keep any small particles that are flying around out of your eyes and your contacts. This will help prevents your contacts from getting scratched or drying out.

#2 Stay Away From Heat Sources

Heat sources such as heating vents, space heaters, and fireplaces can make the air really dry. This can also make your eyes feel really dry. Try to avoid standing right next to heating sources as it will make your eyes feel dry and can cause your contacts to feel irritated.

#3 Stay Hydrated

Due to the low humidity levels inside and outside during the winter time, it is extremely important to make sure that you stay hydrated. Make sure that you drink your daily required amount of water. Carry a water bottle around with you, and drink the whole thing at least once a day. Staying hydrated will help you fight back against low humidity levels and dehydration, both of which can cause your eyes and your contacts to feel irritated.   

#4 Change Your Contacts Regularly

Finally, make sure that you change your contacts out on a regular basis. Take your contacts out and clean them according to the schedule that your eye doctor recommended for you. It is especially important to change your contacts according to schedule during the winter when your eyes are already prone to being more irritated due to wind and low humidity levels. Changing your contacts out on time will help reduce irritation in your eyes.

In the winter, you really need to fight back against dryness. You can do this by wearing sunglasses when you go outside, staying away from heat sources, staying hydrated, and changing your contacts out on a regular basis. Talk to an eye doctor like those represented at http://www.the-eye-center.com to learn more.