How To Afford Doctor Appointments Without Medical Insurance

Posted on: 29 November 2016


If you currently find yourself in a position where you do not have any major medical insurance for the time being, you may want to learn how you can still get treatment without going broke. This way, you will not have to worry about refraining from seeking medical care while you are waiting to obtain a new medical insurance plan.

Look For Charity Medical Facilities

You may need to get a referral from a church or a local charity, but there is a good chance that there are some medical and dental offices nearby that can assist you without charging you a lot of money. A quick online search may also provide you with all of the contact information that you need. It is important to search for the charity run medical facilities as soon as possible because you may have to complete a few steps before going in for an appointment. For example, some places may ask that you fill out personal and financial applications, as they base your ability to pay off of that information. Then there are some charity run medical facilities that will need you to apply for state ran medical assistance, receive a denial from the state, and bring that letter to them to prove that you are truly in need of their assistance.

Find A Doctor Who Will Accept Payments

There may be some primary care physician in your local area that are willing to accept payments for the services that they provide. You may have to pay a certain amount up front before you are seen by the doctor, but then you can make payment arrangements for the rest of what is due on your bill. Just make sure that you are calling to get the specifics on this type of agreement. You will also want to request a written copy of your payment agreement for your records. To help add to your savings, you may want to ask the doctor to prescribe any medications that you need according to what is listed as the cheapest medications at some of the major department and grocery stores that have pharmacies with affordable medications. For example, instead of prescribing one type of expensive medication, your doctor could prescribe a similar medication that will do the same thing but it much more affordable. To help your doctor with this, you will want to bring a print out of those affordable medications with you to your appointment.

You should now have little problem getting the medical treatment that you need while you are waiting for a new medical insurance plan.