Help! How Can You Prevent the Chances of Cataracts?

Posted on: 6 October 2016


Cataracts happen to many people and are one of the signs of old age. Cataracts are the most common reason for people over 40 to lose their sight, so you need to act right away to improve your chances of preventing cataracts.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

You've heard healthy diets are good for the gut and the heart, but what about the eyes? By focusing on getting the right nutrients, you can improve your vision and slow down the development of cataracts. Opt for foods that are high in antioxidants and vitamins A and C, which can be found in many dark leafy greens.

Those with diabetes are more likely to develop cataracts at a young age. If you're a diabetic, maintaining your healthy diet is even more important. You'll also reduce the risk of other eye diseases.

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

Wearing sunglasses is a great way to protect your eyes from the sun. The UV rays cause the conjunctiva—the film over the whites of the eyes—to thicken. When this happens, the tissue that is supposed to protect the whites instead covers and blocks the vision.

However, you can wear your sunglasses too much! You need some sunlight on your eyes. Like with your skin, there are some health benefits to small amounts of the waves. Having healthy eyes can be a delicate balancing act.

Treat Your Medical Conditions

Any medical conditions you have need to be treated as soon as possible. These include diabetes, cancer, and even heart problems. Your body needs to be in the best shape to be able to prevent more conditions from forming.

This also means that you need to quit smoking and reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. Both smoking and drinking alcohol limit the amount of nutrients your body can absorb. Research is still underway, but so far there seems to be a link between smoking and cataracts.

Get Your Eyes Checked

Even if you do nothing else, make sure you pay a regular visit to your eye doctor. You will see your dentist and doctor regularly, so why not an optician? Your eyes are just as important—and sometimes more important—for your everyday health.

An eye doctor will be able to see early signs of the problem. Catching cataracts early can help to slow down the progression of the cataracts and make sure you're a prime candidate for surgical options to remove them if they get too bad.

Protect your eyes by protecting your health. It's time to focus on a healthy lifestyle and make routine visits to the appropriate health professionals. Make an appointment with a healthcare provider such as Eye Care & Surgery to get started.