Health Risks Of Fleas

Posted on: 10 August 2016


Fleas on your cat or dog are certainly bad for them. The itching and scratching can drive them and you mad. If the fleas multiply in your home and attack you, it becomes even more of an issue. Fleas can have negative health consequences, so you cannot afford to ignore them.

Flea Bites

Most fleas that bite humans come from their pets, although some "human" fleas exist. If you notice small red bumps below the knees, particularly around the ankles, chances are that your dog or cat is infested and sharing the bounty with you. You will often see these bites in clusters. In most people, they will remain small, but in those with an allergy or sensitivity to flea saliva, the bumps may be large and angry looking.


Your pet can easily suffer from hair loss, tapeworms, and skin infections from flea bites. Young animals can become anemic if they have too many fleas on their small bodies. In some extreme cases, flea infestation can lead to an animal's death. If you have flea bites, you are also vulnerable to skin problems simply because scratching these bites can easily lead to infection. However, not scratching the bites is almost impossible without some medical help. Also, fleas can carry bubonic plague, a deadly disease that has still not been completely eradicated.


In most cases, your flea bites will go away by themselves. Until they calm down, you will need to apply some anti-itch lotion or take an antihistamine to make them bearable.  If you notice signs of infection, you will need to see a physician for urgent medical treatment at a clinic like Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home. If your pet is overcome with fleas, a trip to the vet is in order for a shot or other medications not available over-the-counter.

Neither you or your pet will be out of the woods until the fleas are removed. If your home or your yard is a haven for fleas, you need to call the professionals for removal help. Getting rid of them yourself can be nearly impossible.

If you notice small black dots on your socks when you stroll through your home as well as small red marks on your body, you likely have fleas in the house. Also, if you notice small red marks on your body after you do yard work, fleas may be the cause. Treat your bites and your pet's and then get help with pest removal. Soon, you and your dog or cat should feel better again.