Here's How To Watch TV When You Have Neck Pain

Posted on: 9 May 2016


Watching TV is a pleasant way to unwind during the evening, whether you're watching a comedy with your significant other or following your favorite professional sports team. If you have neck pain, however, you have to be extremely careful about how you position yourself to avoid worsening the pain. Making your neck sorer in the evening can be majorly problematic; if you're in discomfort, you'll have trouble sleeping and could find yourself tossing and turning — which will only further exacerbate the pain. You can avoid this hassle by making sure that you're cognizant of your head, neck and body position while you watch TV. Here's how.

Don't Lunge Forward

While it's easy to find yourself lunging forward when you're watching a particularly captivating program, this position can cause lots of neck pain. When you allow your head to lunge forward, multiple issues can occur — you can compress the discs in the neck, which can often pinch a nerve and leave you with severe pain. Additionally, you can fatigue the muscles and further worsen your discomfort. If you're sitting upright while you watch TV, make sure that your head is resting above your shoulders in a neutral position.

Make Sure You're Square To The TV

Depending on the layout of your TV room, you might be sitting in a seat that requires you to turn your neck slightly to view the screen. This is problematic because, when your head is turned, the muscles on either side of your neck are tight. Over the length of a TV program, this muscle tightness can increase in severity until you're dealing with a painfully kinked neck by the end of the evening.

Use Pillows For Support

If you're getting comfortable on the couch, floor or reclining chair, make sure that your neck and head are properly supported. This involves getting creative with pillows — it's ideal to have a thin pillow that you can roll slightly and place under your head. This will support your neck's natural curve and reduce your risk of pain.

Get Up And Move

It's always a good idea to get up and move a little to work your muscles, promote better circulation and, in general, avoid the complications that come when your body is sedentary for a prolonged period of time. A simple rule to follow is to get up every commercial break or every second commercial break and just walk around and stretch for a moment.

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