Three Ways To Assist A Family With A Member In An Urgent Care Facility

Posted on: 11 August 2015


When someone you know has a family member admitted to an urgent care facility, the family's world can quickly be turned upside-down. As a non-family member, you might want to help the family get through this challenging time, but where to start? Visiting the urgent care facility to offer your support is one approach, but some families are resistant to the idea of an outsider being around during a private family moment. Instead of a visit, ask if you can ease the family's burden by contributing in other ways. With a little creativity, you can play an instrumental role in helping the family through this difficult time.

Volunteer As The Chauffeur

When a family has a member in an urgent care facility, people often takes turns visiting over the course of the day and evening. This back-and-forth driving can be taxing, but you can offer assistance by volunteering to drive the family members between their home and the facility. This role might seem simple to you, but it's advantageous to the family. For starters, the members won't have to fuss over traffic or be distracted thinking of their loved one while they're behind the wheel. Additionally, dropping off your passengers at the door and then picking them up at a later time helps the family avoid the expense of paying for parking.

Handle Tasks At Home

If your relationship is such that the family is comfortable opening its home to you, you can often provide immeasurable support by taking care of duties at the family's home. Whether it's some regular maintenance tasks such as vacuuming and cutting the grass or cooking a handful of meals and loading up the fridge and freezer, this degree of help means the family can spend more time at the care facility and less time fussing over the day-to-day tasks of life. If the family has young children, you can offer to visit the home when the kids arrive home from school and drive them to any after-school events.

Serve As A Contact Person

The last thing many families want in this situation is having to field calls and emails from concerned relatives and family members. While the family likely appreciates this support, it can be exhausting to relay the news over and over. If you're close with the family, you can offer to serve as a contact person for the release of information. When the family member gives you news on the condition of the person who's ill, you can contact a pre-approved list of people to relay the information.

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