How To Avoid Extra Sodium In Your Diet And Still Enjoy The Benefits Of A Water Softener

Posted on: 23 March 2015


If your doctor asks you to cut back on your salt/sodium intake, the last thing you want is to discover that your softened water is contributing to higher sodium levels. Because most water softener companies use rock salt to soften water, you may be getting extra salt or sodium in your diet than you thought. You do not want to give up the benefits of a water softener, but you want better health. You can have your softened water and reduce your sodium intake too. The following options will help.

Changing the Plumbing Connections

When a water softener is installed in your home, most technicians connect the entire home's plumbing to the softener. Most people do not realize that they can request for certain taps in the home to remain disconnected from the softener. Usually, a technician can bypass the cold-water tap in your kitchen so you have sodium-free water for drinking and cooking purposes. By making this request, you can cut out some of the excess salt/sodium you have been cooking with and drinking. If you already have all the taps in your house connected, you can ask a technician to return and change the connections.

Changing the Softening Agents

Another option available to you is to change the softening agent you use in your softener. You do not have to use rock salt. Rock salt is generally cheaper than other softening agents are, and therefore it is the go-to choice by many water softener distributors and installers. Instead, you can use potassium chloride, which adds more potassium to your diet and takes out the salt. Additionally, potassium chloride:

  • Keeps a proper balance of blood potassium
  • Aids in the proper functioning of kidneys, which is key if you also have diabetes
  • Supports the heart, muscles and nerves for overall good health

‚ÄčIf you were prescribed potassium chloride tablets, your doctor would instruct you to drink them with a full glass of water anyway. When you get the potassium chloride via your softened water, the vital nutrient is already dissolved in water for you. (If you are already taking potassium chloride, check with your doctor regarding your supplements.)

Sweating It Out

If neither of the above options works for you, then you only have two remaining alternatives. Drink and cook with bottled water or exercise enough to sweat out extra salt because the body loses sodium through sweat. These last two options require a little more money and a lot of effort. You can still keep the water softener and softened water, but you can avoid the salt/sodium.