3 Things That Can Help You Care For Your Elderly Parent

Posted on: 26 January 2015


Caring for an elderly parent can be very rewarding, but it can also be very challenging and time consuming. If you are working, busy with your children, or simply have a full schedule, there are certain things that you can do to make caring for your elderly parent just a bit easier and more manageable. This article will discuss 3 different things that can help you get the help you need to care for your parent, while still allowing them to live with you. 

Adult Day Care

If there are certain days where you are working, won't be home to take care of your parents, and/or can't take them with you, then you can take them to an adult day care such as Independent Days Adult Care Center, Inc. This adult day care will allow them to get the medical care that they need, while interacting with others that are their same age and have similar health related issues. They will be able to watch movies, play games, and otherwise interact with their peers. They will also receive any medicines that they need, and will be well fed while they are there. 

Help and Support of Family

Another great way to make caring for your parent more manageable is to spread out the responsibility among your family members. Talk with your older children, spouse, and siblings, and explain to them what tasks you need help with. You can have them take care of the basic tasks that your parent needs, such as feeding, dressing, hygiene, cleaning, etc. You can also have those in your family with a driver's license drive your parent to and from doctor's appointments. This will not only help you to better care for your parent, but it will also give your children, spouse, and siblings that opportunity to spend some quality time with someone they love.  

Personal Nurse

Your parent will likely need a nurse to help take care of them, so rather than driving them to the nurse each day, you can instead hire a nurse to come to your home. This nurse will be able to give your parent any medicine, oxygen, or medical tests that they may need on a regular basis. Even better than hiring a nurse, is having one in your family who is willing to help you. Either way, this nurse will make caring for your parent much easier because you won't have to spend countless hours driving to and from the nurse's medical office.