3 Benefits Provided By An Apothecary

Posted on: 20 January 2015


In an age where people have come to expect instant results, prefabricated medications are all the rage. While medicine that is manufactured in mass might have its benefits, there is something to be said for having medications compounded on site by an apothecary.

Here are 3 benefits that an apothecary can provide when it comes to the medications you take on a daily basis.

1. Availability

Many patients find it difficult to discover the exact combination of medication that works best with their body chemistry to deliver results. Once these prescriptions are in balance, any changes could cause the patient to experience negative side effects.

Drugs that are manufactured in bulk could be discontinued or recalled by the company that produces them. While traditional pharmacists might not even be aware of these discontinuations, apothecaries have the ability to provide you with the medicine you need.

If you find that one of your medications is no longer available in mass, an apothecary has the ability to recreate the formulation to fill your prescription. 

2. Special Dietary Considerations

Many of the medications that are produced in mass do not list known irritants, like gluten, on their label. For patients with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, taking these medications could cause more harm than good.

Because an apothecary prepares each medication specifically for the patient it was prescribed to, these pharmaceutical professionals can take your special dietary needs into consideration. Letting your local apothecary know that you are sensitive to gluten, lactose, or preservatives will ensure that you have access to medications that will not cause unnecessary discomfort.

3. Palatability

It comes as no surprise to many parents that children do not like taking medications. This aversion to medication could be caused by taste, or reluctance to take pills. When you choose to work with an apothecary, you have the opportunity to get your child's medications customized.

Just because a certain medication traditionally comes in pill form doesn't mean that it can't be formulated into a liquid. Apothecaries have the skill set required to deliver your child's medications in a flavor and form they will be willing to consume.

While some people might feel that apothecaries are a relic of the past, these pharmaceutical professionals have a lot to offer patients today. If you discover that your drug has been discontinued by the manufacturer, if you have special dietary needs, or if you are looking for a way to make medication more palatable for your child, then working with a skilled apothecary is the answer.

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