Two Conditions You Didn't Know You Could Treat Using Botox

Posted on: 23 October 2017


Botox is a well-known beauty treatment generally used to help smooth out lines and wrinkles. But did you know this medication can be used to treat several serious diseases? If you suffer from one or both of the following conditions, consider asking your doctor about using Botox to treat it.


Migraines are more than simple headaches. This condition is characterized by severe head pain and may be accompanied by auditory and visual hallucinations and disturbances. According to the experts, approximately 37 million people in the United States suffer from migraine headaches.

Typically the head pain is treated using a variety of pain medications, lifestyle changes, and alternative remedies, such as acupuncture. However, Botox has also been shown to be effective at reducing the number of migraine episodes a person may suffer each month. It is believed the medication blocks pain signals to the brain, so if something triggers the head pain, you won't feel it.

Be aware, though, the effects of Botox eventually subsides after awhile, and you will need to get the treatment redone on a regular basis (approximately every 3 months). Additionally, not all insurance companies will pay for this medication, so be sure to check with your provider before asking your doctor to prescribe it to you.

Overactive Bladder

Another condition Botox can help with is an overactive bladder. This condition is characterized by the constant feeling of needing to pee and leakage. This is due to the bladder contracting too often and with no notice, leading to embarrassing episodes of unexpected wetness or having to rush to the bathroom.

Since Botox acts on the nerves, researchers studied whether it would help alleviate an overactive bladder. In one study involving 227 patients, nine out of ten participants experienced a 50 percent drop in episodes and up to 52 percent stated the problem ended altogether after receiving the Botox treatments.

As with the Botox treatments for migraines, you must get these injections on a regular basis to continue managing your condition. Additionally, since incontinence tends to worsen with age, it's a good idea to incorporate a variety of lifestyle changes that may help you enjoy having a normal functioning bladder throughout your golden years, such as losing weight and doing pelvic floor exercises.

To learn more about how Botox can treat these and other medical conditions or to make an appointment to get the injections, contact a healthcare provider you trust.