The New Sports Physican: What You Need To Know About Sports Medicine Specialists

Posted on: 6 January 2015


As long as people have been playing sports, they've also been suffering sports injuries. This has forced the need for more sports medicine doctors who can treat these sport injuries. For this reason, the position  of the sports medicine specialist has emerged. Knowing the facts about these specialists and their qualifications can lead you to better treatment and a healthier recovery:

1. What is a Sports Medicine Specialist?

This particular specialist is a licensed physician with specialized training in treatment and prevention of sports related injury or illness. These physicians have attended 2 years of schooling after medical school in order to pass the sports medicine exam and received certification.

2. Why not see an Orthopedic Surgeon instead of a Sports Medicine Specialist?

Sports medicine specialists cannot perform surgery like orthopedic surgeons. However, 90% of sports injuries are non-surgical. Sports medicine specialists can find the optimal non-surgical treatment that is right for you. These specialist are also leaders of other physicians that they have on hand if needed. If your case turns out to be surgical, they can refer you to an orthopedic surgeon that they have experience and success with.

3.  Are Sports Medicine Specialists only for Athletes?

While these specialists can work with athlete's injuries and illnesses, they also are very qualified to work with the general population. These specialists can do anything from help you make proper nutritional choices, to helping you exercise again. They do not provide care solely to athletes. These physicians know how to help you form a healthy lifestyle and can help you be on your way to success.

4. Does your Sports medicine Specialists specialize?

While this question sounds slightly outrageous, certain sports medicine specialists have more experience in certain areas. Questioning an expert's past experience can give you an insight into what level of treatment the specialist can give. If your specialist has only seen knee injuries, you may want to find another specialist to help you with your nutrition plan. While all are qualified, levels of experience can make a difference in your health care.

With today's health care environment constantly shifting, Sports medicine specialists are equipped with the knowledge and training needed to help a wide variety of people. Whether you are an injured athlete trying to get back onto the field, or an office worker looking to give yourself a healthier lifestyle, these specialists can help you. So find a specialist today and be on your way to a healthier you.

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